About Me

My name is Charlotte Simpson and I’m a third-year student at the University of Wollongong. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media, majoring in Marketing Communications and Advertising. On my blog, you will find posts for my BCM subjects, as well as the student stories I write for ‘Faces of UOW’. I am obsessed with music from the eighties, so my blog name ‘Charlotte Sometimes Blogs’ is both a reference to The Cure’s song ‘Charlotte Sometimes’, and a play on words about how I will inevitably forget to frequently blog.

Happy reading, and enjoy!


BCM212 Research Proposal – My Curiosity

My research project will aim to answer the question, ‘What is the experience of self-identified introverts in group work at university?’. Publications such as The Guardian and The Independent have written various think pieces and help guides to allow introverted students to navigate university, and I am curious if (a), there are BCM212 students who would identify themselves as introverts, and (b), what are their experiences at university like in terms of group work? Continue reading “BCM212 Research Proposal – My Curiosity”

Kara & Ella

“I’ve had my dog Ella for over ten years, we adopted her from a shelter owned by some of our family friends. She had been mistreated by her former owners, and needed all the care and love our family could give her to come out of her shell. There’s such a negative stigma surrounding pound dogs, so I want to break through that to show people that adopting a dog can be an enriching experience, and giving a second chance to a dog can be life changing for them.  Continue reading “Kara & Ella”

Spotted on Campus

Today another student and I spent the morning wandering around campus taking photos of students to make an album for the ‘UOW Students’ Facebook page. This is also part of my DA work as I had this opportunity through Faces of UOW. The album is titled ‘Spotted on Campus’, so have a look and see if you can spot yourself or friends sunning themselves on the duck pond lawn!

Continue reading “Spotted on Campus”

Zac & the UOW Cheer Squad

“The majority of the UOW Cheer squad hadn’t cheered prior to 5 weeks ago, and now we are about to compete at the state AASCF university competition in Sydney. I originally wanted to do boxing, but it was too expensive, cheer was a cheaper alternative with a combination of strength and gymnastics training. I came along to one of the meets to check it out, and they were like, “yeah you can throw someone in the air, do whatever you want!”. Our coach has been great in helping us develop new skills, such as learning a backwards roll into a handstand – something I never would have tried prior to cheer!  Continue reading “Zac & the UOW Cheer Squad”