About Me

Welcome to my blog! I’m Charlotte, a third-year student at the University of Wollongong, and a feature writer for Chattr.

I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media, majoring in Marketing Communications and Advertising, and minoring in Public Relations. On my blog, you will find posts for my university subjects, and my freelance work.

I am obsessed with music from the eighties, so my blog name ‘Charlotte Sometimes Blogs’ is both a reference to The Cure’s song ‘Charlotte Sometimes’, and a play on words about how I will inevitably forget to frequently blog.

Happy reading!

– Charlotte

Television Through Time – Major Project


For my major ethnography project, I wanted to explore how the behaviours and dynamics around television have changed over three generations in my family, and the role of television in the home. Starting from when my grandma was a child living with her grandparents, then moving to the experiences in my mother’s childhood home, then finishing with my immediate family’s experience right now, in a house comprised of my sister, mother, and I. With each section it will be supported by research and evidence. This project follows the maternal line of my family, for a couple of reasons. One being that I was limited by time constraints. My dad and his side of the family lives in Sydney, so it would have been difficult to conduct auto-ethnography there. The second is that I live in a house of all females and I see my maternal grandma often, so I believe it is interesting to hear female perspectives in the narrative of television use, as traditional research tells us that television was very much the father’s domain (Livingstone 2009). Continue reading “Television Through Time – Major Project”

Writing for Writing’s Sake

These past 13 weeks in BCM313 have been a wonderful opportunity for growing and learning. I can’t thank Kate and Giverny enough for their dedication to each one of us in each class. Every class was filled with insightful discussions about what work could look like in the future, and to my relief, there are a lot less robots than what I initially thought! Continue reading “Writing for Writing’s Sake”

The Future of Work in a Sustainable Fashion Industry

For as long as I can remember, I’ve adored fashion. When I was young I spent many afternoons with my grandma, learning to make felt creations and clothes for my dolls, and then learning to knit. I felt immense joy after I knitted my very first scarf and proudly presented it as a present to my mum. In high school I felt most at home in the textiles room amongst the flurry of fabrics and whirr of the sewing machines. There is so much satisfaction in making a complete, ready-to-wear garment by hand. It was later in high school that I decided I wanted to work in fashion marketing, which would bring together my interests in fashion and business. Now I’m not so sure. Continue reading “The Future of Work in a Sustainable Fashion Industry”